We are

Baptiste, Alex, Louis, Arthur, Manon, Olivier ,Thomas, Jonas, Romain...and you? 

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Ok, why ?

We like to think it all started around a pinte of beer.
The real story involve some beers but also that after so many collaborations it seemed natural for us to team up to form this collective and unite our skills to provide a real service dedicated to design, development, and growth...
All this while keeping our independence as freelancers.

Our framework for a perfect colaboration

A rigorous process for understanding your market and objectives. Pretty isn’t enough, only the right way will work

#1 Discovery

Learn about your product, your market and your users

#2 Definition

Of the objectives of our collaboration, to fit your strategy

#3 Building

Experiences, UI, brands, strategies, processes...

#4 Deploying

By making sure everything will fit with your goals

#5 Analysing

In order to see if our mutual objectives are completed

Hooooo....Mazette !