How we work

We believe in co-creation to achieve the best results. Let's sit together to discuss your dreams and how to, with collaborative methodologies and techniques, bring them to life.

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How we work - Mazette
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Define and plan

Let's define together your needs and establish the most clear roadmap to reach the goals in an appropriate time and manner.

Imagine and build

We start with imagining the ideal outcome and requirements for the project together and focus on building the design of your dreams.

Follow-up and support

There will be continuous alignments including follow-ups and a thorough hand-off - Every step to delivery by your side.

From beginning til the end - we are here right by your side

Mazette will support you from the beginning til the end of the project - until delivery and even further! You will be accompanied by a personal project manager who knows your project, your needs and your challenges.

Where we come from
Shape your brand and your product with Mazette

Shape your brand and product with Mazette

With the expertise of a creative collective like Mazette you have found the ideal team that will blend in your team seamlessly and understand your challenges like no other. Therefore, we will be able to solve everything that you may come up, thanks to a close collaboration.

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We are the secret weapon of disruptive companies

Whatever you might need, we have the tricks, tools and ideas to elevate you higher. We are the key to your success, turning your ideas into mature products that convert.

Our dream collective

Happy customers that got elevated by Mazette

"I cannot overstate the impact that Mazette have made in such a short period of time in helping us build our visual identity and our product."

Johnathan Bell・CEO @ LicenceOne

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Happy customers that got elevated by Mazette

“Mazette’s work on the visuals for our podcast is of a very high standard. Warmly recommend!”

Emily Marsh・Content Manager @ Iconosquare

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Happy customers that got elevated by Mazette

"'s team allowed us to create our graphic identity and website in record time, while maintaining a high level of quality"

Romain Ouzeau ・Founder @ Cryptocheck, ex Chairman Iconosquare

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Happy customers that got elevated by Mazette

"Mazette helped us set up a complex automation process to qualify our leads, assign them to the right sales people, better understand where they are coming from and the relevance of certain campaigns."

Matthieu Dumasdelage ・Founder @ Deltic

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You are an illustrator, a product designer, a 3D artist or a motion designer looking for an ambitious team to work with? Come and join us.

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