Red Team

The future of French army defense

French Ministry
Branding, Webflow

The client

The French Ministry of Defense through Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) known for instituions such as Collège de France, Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique - PSL, École nationale des chartes - PSL, École nationale supérieure de Chimie de Paris - PSL, École nationale supérieure des Mines de Paris - PSL, École normale supérieure - PSL, École Pratique des Hautes Études - PSL, ESPCI Paris - PSL, Institut Curie, Observatoire de Paris - PSL or Paris-Dauphine - PSL.

The challenge

The French Ministry of Defense has created a new team (Red Team), composed of various profiles such as Sci-fi authors, researchers or designers to work on possible scenarios French army could face in the future (2060).

Logo and identity

Mazette worked on the identity of the project by building the Red Team logo, defining the assets and fonts to use. Timothy Rodriguez, our concept artist also created custom digital designs (concept art and characters).

Website and book

For season 0, Mazette worked on Red Team's website. Built on Webflow, the site regroups all the assets created for the season, such as fake press articles, promotional videos, 3D concept or a downloadable book.

They say it best

"Mazette helped us on various graphics and web projects for Red Team. Their tech stack enables us to work to the limits of our imagination"

Maria Christina Sotiropoulou
Project Leader @Red Team