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We are the secret weapon of ambitious startups.

A team of digital natives with proven records across SaaS, e-commerce, insurance, and high-tech industries.


Mazette brings together the best creators with different expertises for your success

Mazette's commitment is driven by bringing together the best talent and the most promising loonshots. We want to support you on the way to your success the best way we can. UX/UI, brand and motion designers, webflow integrators and many more to best meet your needs.

Where we come from
Mazette brings together the best profiles for your projects
Not an agency, not freelancers but partners

Not the typical agency, no lost freelancers, but collaborative partners

Mazette is a living organism to be as flexible to your needs and setup as possible. We want to co-create your projects, integrate your team to fully understand your situation and goals and achieve the best outcome.

Work with us

The best lineup for ambitious projects

Louis BuignetWebflow expert

Louis - Architect

Webflow Expert

Baptiste Birot

Baptiste - Hitman

Product Designer

Arthur Lambert

Arthur - Tank

Brand Designer

Roseline Benon

Rosy - Daenerys

Project Manager

Thomas Trotin

Thomas - Sniper

Brand Designer


Max - Swordsman

Webflow designer


Yanis - Berserker

Webflow designer


Maureen - DPS

Brand Designer

Tiphaine Dupuis

Tiphaine - Alchemist

Project Manager

Vincent Bidaux

Vincent - Tactician

Webflow Expert

Webflow expert

Pascal - Support

Webflow Expert

Webflow expert
Aurelie - Medic

Aurelie - Medic

Webflow Expert

Webflow expert

Sarah - Enchanter

Brand Designer

Olivier Molines

Olivier - Cavalery

Motion Designer


Nieki - Healer

International Sales


Matthieu - hunter

3D design


Megane - Assassin

Brand Designer


Didier - Archer

Full Stack Dev


Jonas - Necromancer



Manon - Mage

Visual & 3D Designer

Baptiste Birot
Manon Bardina
Thomas Trotin

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