Simplified software subscriptions

Software management
Branding, UX / UI

The client

LicenceOne wants to give companies the right to know how they spend on their software subscriptions. They enable users to automatically detect what they're paying for, with cool features like bank syoogle suite sync

The challenge

Realize an all in one design mission in order to create a full identity and challenge their product strategy in order to create an engaging MVP

Brand design

To imagine a product... This is the ultimate project and the real challenge for every designer. To be inspired by the values of the company and the DNA of the product built over many months by a motivated team to change our perception of subscription management.

To find a simple way to solve a complex problem that generates huge monetary losses for companies. So we had to come up with a simple identity that reflected modernity, confidence and technical prowess!

A round typography with character, a vibrant and lively color set with offbeat illustrations making navigation and exploration light on the page

Product design

An exciting project dealing with sensitive user data.
We had to do an in-depth work around onboarding in order to reassure the users about the use of their banking data and Google synchronization systems by LicenceOne.

The data restitution is focused on two distinct areas: Which applications are paid for by companies and who uses these applications?
The answer is in the form of dashboards and intelligent lists, allowing managers and directors to quickly visualize their expense lines.

Finally. When building the product, we created a component library and a list of UI fundamentals for LicenceOne to lay the foundation for their visual language.
All of this, keeping the design debt to a minimum, right from the launch of the product.

They say it best

"It’s impossible to understate impact Mazette have made in such a short period of time"

Jonathan Bell
Cofounder @LicenceOne