Create and customize your quotes for free

Invoicing Software
UX/UI ; Branding ; Dev

The client is an online quote generator. It allows in less than 5 minutes to make a quote 100% customizable. (Start from a template, choose your layout, ...).

The challenge

It’s the only online software allowing the realization of a 100% customizable estimate with a simple and fast user experience! The objectives are simple: a flawless UX, an identity as simple as its name and a reassuring and efficient UI.

Brand design

MondevisFacile through its name is a simple solution ! 
To offer in a few clicks a personalized sales document that can be used by all possible professions. 

The graphic identity must be minimalist and speak to all types of persona possible. Impactful typography, minimalist icon and duotones in order to go to the essential!

UI Design

A simple funnel and a logical navigation for a simple service! Creating a quote should not be an obstacle course and customizing a sales document is like making a nice powerpoint!

Use assets and automatisms on inputs and forms, add integrations like the SIREN database to reduce the number of steps and user actions... This is the strength of a simplified but technical UX and UI

They say it best

“We wanted to create the ideal quoting tool for freelancers and this is the case with Mazette! ”

Emilien Potin
Founder @MondevisFacile