Developing sustainable leaders for sustainable companies

Branding ; Webflow

The client

Talentis considers the company as a place of fulfillment, innovation, permanent learning and responsible development. Equipped to manage and transform in a system of sustainable change and crisis.

The challenge

To allow this French management company, established for 12 years now, to make a new start with a powerful and young/corporate design. Enable new companies to validate Talentis as a leading market player

Brand design

Allowing a traditional company with corporate clients to benefit from a new identity was a real challenge. To find the right balance between originality, youth and innovation while keeping a luxurious and VIP image for Talentis's clients who are today large French groups.

Webflow website

A Wordpress to webflow redesign is a real challenge when it comes to migrating all content from one CMS to another with a new design. Re-creating each collection for the blog, case studies, white papers and all other resources while imagining the use of Weglot to manage multi-lingual content.

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